Xperience Zone

Where Prints Come Alive

At DCC Group, we always endeavor to enhance the visitor experience. We want to have them an experience beyond just equipment and printing processes. Keeping in mind our vision, we create The Xperience Zone, an ultra-modern showroom facility.

You can witness a range of finished products crafted with the finest printing technologies across different media. A state-of-the-art facility, The Xperience Zone is a testimony to our commitment to research and development, training, and promotion of screen, sublimation, and digital printing.

The Xperience Zone has an aesthetic curation of items displayed in a studio-type setting. You can experience wall decor, interior decoration, printed apparel, and soft signages. A live setting featuring a kids' room, cafe, dining room, office, and conference room displays those items.

More than 4000 businesses have had the soothing experience of viewing our collections live.

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