DCC Print

Established in 1978 by Mr. Narendra Dadia, DCC Print is the flagship company of DCC Group and is Asia’s largest provider of printing technologies for Fashion & Sports Apparels, Home Textile, Promotional and Soft Signage applications.

Encompassing end-to-end printing solutions across Screen, Digital, and Sublimation printing along with a wide distribution network, DCC is one of the most trusted names in the textile printing industry.

Representing the top international brands in each product categories, DCC has successfully made a mark in the global marketplace with products running in over 25+ countries.

DCC Print is truly one stop shop and provides various services such as setting up new projects and/or enhancing existing projects profitability.

3Q Printing Technologies

3Q Printing Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Indian and globally reputed screen printing equipment manufacturer of screen printing devices, screen-making equipment and various forms of industrial dryers for textile, automotive, commercial and graphics applications, rolled out at 100,000 sq. Ft. manufacturing plant, outskirts of Mumbai with successful install base of over 6,000 machine over 25 countries.

The latest product line - Copperhead series is launched in stratigic alliance with M&R, USA. It comes with patent pending technology and ground breaking innovative features that are engineered and designed by 3Q. Copperhead line is produced with highest quality component sourced from around the world.

With the best minds coming together, we believe in engineering the future by producing value based products.

Creative Industries

With over 25+ years of expertise in ink formulation, Creative Industries manufactures finest quality water-based textile screen printing inks, adhesive and specialty products for various application.

With care for the environment and human health, our vision is in going green by manufacturing eco-friendly printing Inks.

Along with a well equipped manufacturing facility, we have a strong in-house R&D Centre and application Lab. Our inks deliver astonishingly brilliant colors with excellent stretch for all fabrics and blends. Some of the textile industry’s brightest technicians work at our facility to produce top performing inks. Creative owns O2 brand of water base inks and are sold in number of international market place.

Fresh Prints

Fresh Prints is one of the most advanced print shops in India that sets benchmarks in providing Printing services.

Fresh print has state of the art Equipment, accessories & processing techniques ranging from designing, screen making, chemical management, print execution, inspection & material handling.

The unique production management process and technique makes it one of the best print facility globally with massive capacity to print over 100,000 apparels per day. It's where we learn & Connect by practicing Lean manufacturing techniques for highest standards with international compliances.

The first company in India to adopt Digital Image Engraving Technology and Automatic Screen Washing technology with Automatic Screen Printing Machines along with modern design lab and the latest designing and color separation tools.

Fresh print cares for environment and has got a water re-cycling system which reduces the water requirement by 80% in comparison to the conventional method.

Design Canvas

Design Canvas is a studio with a roster of talented designers, that offers you design solutions to suit specific needs across your product range.

All this while keeping your brand and target audience in mind. It also takes care of the limitations or advantages your production pipeline offers. Design Canvas is a perfect partner, when coupled with the unlimited possibilities that DCC offers you!