DCC Print

Narendra Dadia, the Chairman of DCC Group, founded DCC Print in 1978. It has become the flagship company of the DCC brand over the years. DCC print offers wide-ranging printing technologies for Fashion and Sports Apparel, Home Textile, Promotional, and Soft Signage applications.

Our services provide an end-to-end solution for all your Screen, Digital, and Sublimation printing needs. DCC has become a trusted name in the textile printing industry due to its excellence in meeting customer demands.

We also have a wide distribution network and work with leading international brands across product categories. Our solutions have a global marketplace, with a presence in more than 25 countries. DCC Print remains committed to customer satisfaction no matter what.

3Q Printing Technologies

3Q Printing Technologies is one of the leading global screen-printing equipment manufacturers. We are also the biggest Indian company in this space and manufacture various equipment. These include screen printing devices and screen-making equipment. We also have industrial dryers for textile, automotive, commercial, and graphics applications.

We had a humble beginning, but our commitment and dedication have helped us roll out a 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant close to Mumbai. Over the years, we have successfully installed over 6000 machines worldwide.

The Copperhead series is one of our latest product lines. We have launched it in a strategic alliance with M&R, USA. We have designed path-breaking features and have patent-pending technology incorporated.

Copperhead solutions have the finest quality of raw materials sourced from various corners of the world. We remain dedicated to offering more such value-based products in the future.

Creative Industries

Creative Industries has been in the business for over 25 years with advanced ink formulations. We manufacture top-quality water-based textile screen printing inks, adhesives, and specialty products for various applications.

These inks are eco-friendly as we firmly believe in the concept of sustainable manufacturing. We leverage green production principles to ensure the environment and human health do not get affected.

We have a strong focus on innovation to deliver best-in-class solutions to you. Besides a well-equipped manufacturing facility, we also have a dedicated R&D center. It helps us offer a vivid range of colors irrespective of fabrics and blends.

We employ only the finest technicians to ensure our inks get manufactured for a lasting impression. Our O2 brand of water inks finds their use in several countries globally.

Fresh Prints

Fresh Prints was born out of a need for advanced printing solutions in India. Ever since its inception, Fresh Prints has set new benchmarks for success and achieved them through the able support of its founders.

Our manufacturing facilities have state-of-the-art equipment, accessories, and processing techniques. These help us create solutions for wide-ranging applications like designing, screen making, chemical management, print execution, inspection, and material handling.

We have unique and proven production management processes and techniques. Our advanced printing facility allows us to print over 100,000 apparel per day. We leverage lean manufacturing techniques that help us meet the highest production standards and comply with global norms.

We are also proud to be the first company in India to adopt digital image engraving and automatic screen washing technologies. Our offerings also comprise automatic screen-printing machines with a modern design lab and the latest designing and color separation tools.

We have taken an environmentally-friendly approach to our production processes, which involves water recycling systems. It has helped us cut down our water requirement by 80% compared to traditional methods.